33 Best Stops Between West Springfield and Montreal (2024)

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Ben & Jerry's is a famous ice cream chain originating from Vermont, recognized for its innovative and creatively named flavors. The founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, took over a defunct gas station in Burlington in 1978 and began experimenting with unconventional flavors that completely transformed the way ice creams are made.

Tours closed due to Covid. We went late one evening (around 6pm) and the graveyard was closed (maybe due to the recent snow? Idk). The only thing left to do was buy and eat ice cream! The service was fantastic, they answered all my many questions about the different flavors. Then we ate our treats in the car as it was too cold and snowy to eat in the outdoor patio. Would love to return once it’s fully open again!

Gaby — Google review

This was high on our list of to-dos in Vermont, but to be honest, I only think it's worth it if you're doing other stuff nearby (like visiting the town of Stowe or the Cold Hollow cider mill).The shop is cute and has a lot of ice cream options, but you can still get that in downtown Burlington.You'd come to the museum to learn more about ice cream and how it's made, but the factory tour is very very short, and you see machinery, but not really much of the process itself.We also watched a 10min video about B&Js history, which is interesting, but I'd rather watch that on my own (without making the long trip there).There is an additional thing to see here, which is an ice cream cemetery. 🪦 The idea is interesting and funny, they have a sign for some of their popular ice cream flavors that got discontinued.All in all, if you're a big fan of B&J's, I'd say it's worth going to see. If you're just curious about ice cream making, I don't think it's worth going. We still got some cute and funny photos and tried some ice cream, so not a wasted trip.

Cecilia C — Google review

It was an amazing place to visit the main store. Definitely a fun trip, especially on a hot summer day. I mean you might have to wait a bit on the line to get some ice cream but it’s totally worth it! The flavor options are just so mind blowing. The hardest part is choosing which flavor to get. It’s a fun trip if you have kids, they were especially enjoyed the playground area. The flavor graveyard was especially hilarious and shows you some lost flavors. It will definitely give you a chuckle.

Hari N — Google review

Great experience! The factory tour was very informative though I wished the production part would always be included on the tour, but you’ll know ahead of time if you purchase tickets in advance.We had a sample of 2 different ice cream flavors. The flavor lab is where the 30 minute tour ends with a taste of broccoli ice cream…just kidding! It was Marshmallow Sky for us!! There’s a gift shop where all fanatics can get their goodies. Don’t forget to visit the Flavor Graveyard and the playground for the kiddies. Enjoy!!

J E — Google review

Ben & Jerry’s The Original and only main store/manufacturing is AWESOME. This is the second time that we have been here and it didn’t let us down. It is a great place to grab a tasty treat, some great souvenirs, stretch your legs, take a fantastic tour and just have FUN. O did I mention you will have a fantastic visit. Because you will. We can’t wait to return.

Richard M — Google review

Visiting the Ben & Jerry's Factory in Vermont was an experience that went beyond my sweetest fantasies. The tour itself was a delightful journey through the heart of one of the most iconic ice cream brands in the world. Seeing the ice cream-making process up close was fascinating, offering a unique glimpse into the craft and care that goes into every scoop.What made the tour even more special was the exclusive flavor available to those who embark on the factory adventure. The Maple Walnut, a flavor I had the pleasure of tasting, was simply out of this world. Its rich, creamy texture combined with the sweet, nutty flavors of maple and walnut captured the essence of Vermont in every bite.Throughout the tour, the generosity with samples was incredibly impressive. It's not every day that you get to indulge in such a variety of Ben & Jerry's flavors, each more delicious than the last. This abundance of samples allowed for a true exploration of their flavor repertoire, making the experience as enjoyable as it was memorable.Beyond the ice cream, the tour was infused with fun and education, making it a perfect outing for families, couples, or anyone looking to dive into the world of ice cream. The enthusiasm and knowledge of the guides added a personal touch that brought the factory to life.In conclusion, the Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour is a must-do for anyone visiting Vermont. It's not just about the ice cream (which is fantastic); it's about celebrating a brand that has brought so much joy to so many people. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the wonders of Ben & Jerry's, this tour is an unforgettable journey into the sweet, indulgent world of ice cream.

Ava F — Google review

Factory tour is closed but one can still get ice cream cone so this is nice. I got change is brewing and child got strawberry cheesecake. I forgot my 51 cents for a pressed penny so I need to remember this next time though. The 40 min wait for ice cream was noted at beginning of trail of top 10 so I appreciated they knew a wait and posted wait times. Worth wait.

Christine L — Google review

I was really excited to visit this factory and we even got lucky and scored an experimental tour of the facility on the day of our visit. The tour was very informative and we had ice cream samples as we went from one room to another. It goes without saying their ice cream was fantastic. I have many fond childhood memories associated with Ben and Jerry’s and it was great to finally see this place. The founders of the company do a lot of good for the world. It’s also funny to see the flavor graveyard. I would definitely recommend to check it out if you’re in Vermont!

Alex — Google review

We went on the factory tour to get a chance to see how the ice cream is made. It was a cheap tour for about a half hour long trip though history. It was pretty fun, ending with a secret flavor. Lots of ice cream available at the shop. It was really cool to check out the flavor graveyard and behind the scenes. Staff were super friendly, be ready for a ton of ice cream and cow puns!

Tyler S — Google review

The tour was great but make sure you book online in advance. It opens up 2 weeks before. The tour guide was informative and funny. You get some free samples and can ask questions etc. It isn't a long tour but just enough to keep small kids interested. There's also plenty of other places to visit while you're there like the flavour graveyard, a small kids play area, gift shop and scoop shop to get more ice cream 🍦 There are also pots of other places for photo opportunities. Really good value for a fun few hours out with the family.

Kate B — Google review

Visiting Ben & Jerry's headquarters was a dream come true! The moment I stepped in, the sweet aroma of freshly churned ice cream filled the air, creating an instant feeling of happiness. The staff was incredibly friendly, sharing their passion for ice cream and making our tour not just informative but genuinely fun. Seeing the behind-the-scenes process of how they create their iconic flavors was fascinating and left me in awe of their creativity. And of course, the best part was the tasting session - a paradise of flavors that left my taste buds dancing. The experience was not just delicious but also heartwarming, knowing the company's commitment to sustainability and social causes. A must-visit for any ice cream lover!

Joel G — Google review

The Ben & Jerry’s factory tour in Waterbury, Vermont offers a delightful experience for ice cream enthusiasts. Like me.The highlight of the tour is undoubtedly the flavor tasting. Visitors get to sample a variety of euphoric ice cream flavors, including some that haven’t been released yet. It’s a treat for the taste buds!The overall atmosphere at the factory is fantastic. Whether you’re exploring the Flavor Graveyard, enjoying the views of the Worcester Mountain range, or simply soaking in the ice cream vibes, it’s a fun and uplifting environment.Production IWhile the production process isn’t explicitly detailed during the tour (for safety reasons), visitors can still observe the factory floor from an observation gallery. Witnessing the magic behind the scenes adds to the experience.Locally Owned and Operated: Ben & Jerry’s remains true to its roots. The locally owned and operated Waterbury ice cream shop allows you to enjoy your favorite flavors just as Ben and Jerry intended back in 1978.Overall, if you’re a fan of ice cream and want to immerse yourself in the Ben & Jerry’s world, this tour is a must-do when visiting Vermont! 🍦🌟

Gagan D — Google review

I had a blast visiting Ben & Jerry's Factory in Vermont! I love the cool and creative design of this factory! The tour from start to finish took about a half hour. I was so impressed watching their video documenting the origination and evolution of Ben and Jerry's! Super impressive worldwide achievement! It was neat to see the packaging process, too! After seeing the factory, we were given a sample flavor of the day. It was definitely a great way to end the tour! I really enjoyed this mini adventure on our road trip to Stowe!

How L — Google review

This is mostly a review on a new flavor that Ben and Jerry’s released. So recently Ben and Jerry’s discontinued my favorite flavor “Chocolate Peanut Buttery Swirl” and I was absolutely devastated!!! I ate that one for years!! However, their new flavor Chocolate Peanut Butter Split is a PERFECT combination of Chocolate, Peanut butter and banana. This is my new favorite flavor and I know this came out as an Exclusive flavor it won’t be available for long so I’ve been stocking up, but all I have to say is it’s AMAZING and Ben and Jerry’s need to seriously consider making this a permanent flavor. I never thought I’d get over the discontinuation of Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl until THIS flavor came out!!! Ben and Jerry you’ve outdone yourself. PLEASE KEEP CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER SPLIT PERMANENTLY!! Please and thank you ❤️About the Factory: my family has a timeshare in Vermont and every summer since I was a kid we visit the Ben and Jerry’s factory in Waterbury and we have always enjoyed the tours with the best samples of new flavors they come out with. Due to COVID and I believe recent construction their tours haven’t been running for a while so I wasn’t able to take it when I was there the past couple summers, but visiting the Ben and Jerry’s factory has always been a big part of my childhood and my family and I always make sure we stop by every year for a treat together. We even had the great opportunity to meet Jerry one time at the factory during one of our visits! Will always be a big Ben and Jerry’s fan 🍦❤️

Chloe R — Google review

Went on a day mid-week where there were way less people. And in November. So it was much less packed than usual and it was still somewhat busy.Ice cream is excellent. We took the tour. Tour includes taste testing twice, including a scoop of ice cream at the end. You get to see the factory and the ice cream being made. They have an ice cream graveyard which is funny and interesting to see.

R M — Google review

Fun place to bring family to see how ice cream is made and get to taste some very tasty ice cream. Strawberry cheesecake ice cream is my favorite. Plenty of parking and plenty of free EV charging stations also. As the attendant in entrance where is EV charging and make use of it. To buy ice cream there is a 30-40 minute long queue on busy days. If you have tour finish it and stand in line.

Mahesh S — Google review

I loved the tour it was great! The movie clip was cool and inspiring. I loved seeing the factory and we had marshmallow sky samples I think that's my new favorite flavor 😋 I went to see the flavor graveyard it was fun reading the tombs. I went to the scoop shop afterward and got a small ice cream on a waffle cone. I picked a new flavor called, lights! caramel! action! I also took a pint of the blueberry sorbet to go. It was a fun experience and I'm glad I went and checked it out.

Norma J — Google review

Awesome half hour tour. Great explanation of the history of Ben and Jerry’s. I wish more companies would have the same great philosophies if running a business like these guys do. Great experience. After the tour you get to sample one of their ice creams. Delicious. They need to figure out a better system to purchase ice cream. Standing in line for an hour in the cold is a bit chilly.

Mike M — Google review

Yo dawg! I heard you like ice cream. So I bring you to Ben & Jerry’s factory, so you can eat ice cream on a cone while smelling ice cream on the ice cream factory tour to learn about ice cream and think about ice cream then get a free sample of their exclusive ice cream.On a more serious note. This place is popular (for a good reason) so reserving the factory tour online is highly recommended. However, even if the online tickets are all sold out, try your luck at the kiosk in person and you may still get in.

Peter H — Google review

I have always loved Ben and Jerry's ice cream and getting a chance to visit their factory and eat the fresh ice cream was such a dream!It was totally worth taking the tour (priced at just $6).. we visited on a weekend but were able to purchase tickets on the spot. As part of the tour, you get to see a video of how Ben and Jerry's originated, see their factory and learn how the ice cream gets prepared and finally get to sample a flavour that they are working on. Our guide was funny and answered all our questions!We also purchased our favourite flavours of ice cream once we were done with the tour. They have a unique maple flavoured ice cream that is not available anywhere else! The flavour graveyard was hilarious and fun to visit. They have many other photo stops that are fun for kids and adults alike.

Neha V — Google review

I had a great time on the tour! This is Ben & Jerry’s smaller factory, so they only have one production line running, but it was still so interesting getting to learn about the process and what makes their company’s ice cream unique! The tour started with a quick “moo-vie” before we went to the mezzanine to observe the ice cream making process. From there we were brought back downstairs to the floor lab and were able to try a sample of a “moo-stery” flavor. Absolutely loved the puns and the depth of information. Our tour guide Lex was great! Definitely worth the price for tickets.

Holly A — Google review

We had a BLAST at the Ben and Jerry's factory experience! You start off with a short film about the history of the company, then get to see the factory in action. Unfortunately, there was emergency maintenance undergoing while we were on our tour, so we didn't get to see much. After the factory tour, you visit the Scoop Shop and try an unmarketed flavor! We tried Marshmallow Sky, which will be in stores later this year. So exciting! Make sure you take a trip to the Flavor Graveyard. We found this entertaining and there are some flavors I wish they'd bring back. Ben and Jerry's is a must when visiting Vermont!

Stephanie B — Google review

I had an amazing time at the Ben and Jerry's factory! The staff was incredibly accommodating, the tour was awesome, and the tour guide was both amiable and very educational. Even though they're not super pet friendly, they do allow dogs outside the buildings and everywhere except the factory area. They greet you at the door, and the factory tours are inexpensive. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about how ice cream is made. Don't forget to have fun and get some ice cream!

Elisha P — Google review

It was such a fun experience we really enjoyed the visit! I only wished we had more time inside the factory it felt a bit rushed. We bought our tickets online and everything went smoothly. The flavour graveyard is definitely a must if you drive by, it's free! Even without the factory visit there are plenty of things to do on site.

Amanda L — Google review

This was a fun experience and priced at 6 dollars, it is completely worth it. If you are in and around Stowe-Montpelier, come and visit. The sceneries from the museum is also amazing. We just booked tour on the spot on a Saturday. The samples they provide is almost the size of a kid scoop. We did get ice cream again at the store. The gift shop is somewhat expensive though.

Arindam P — Google review

Ben & Jerry muscled their way into the ice cream business and seemingly did that with a sense of fun and humor. You may not like their politics but you have to admit they make/promote good products and they did it smiling. The factory visit is a must. It’s a light tour given by quick witted employees well versed in cow jokes. Yes cow jokes… the kind of lame stuff dear old dad might say.Moo-ving on … The factory had been closed for the winter when we were there and they had a skeleton crew checking the machines , cleaning the machines, going over inventory, that kind of thing. No pics are allowed inside because, well I honestly don’t know why but they made out like “making ice cream in Vermont was akin to NORAD telecommunications”. I mean really, come on people it’s ice cream in Vermont not the Colonel’s Secret Chicken Recipe in Kentucky.But these employees have a great sense of humor. Just out side the factory is a graveyard for ice cream flavors that are no longer being sold. It’s quite clever, and worth the walk. The reason an ice cream might stop being made was interesting - sometimes public interest just wasn’t there and sometimes a particular ingredient might become too costly to mass produce - so it gets the graveyard even if it’s still popular. I really admire some of the clever things this company does and I equally admire how they grabbed the ice cream market and made it their own.Ben and Jerry are no longer involved in ice cream, they run an affiliated foundation which of many things has promoted defunding the police and facing “sins of the past”. I think a better goal would be to fund “anti obesity” projects in the US, given that their products have certainly played a role in “an ever growing America”.

Sinjin — Google review

What is there really to say, it’s Ben & Jerry’s, who does love them??? This is a super fun place to go to see the ice cream operation! They give a tour of the facility and even give out samples! On top of that you can go order like a regular ice cream shop but they offer a $60 ice cream called the VERMONSTER! This is basically a huge Sunday in a bucket. They also offer a cheaper mini Vermontster with 4 scoops of ice cream! Enjoy your visit! Definitely worth the visit!

Vlade ( — Google review


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1281 Waterbury-Stowe Rd Route 100, Waterbury Village Historic District, VT 05676, USA

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33 Best Stops Between West Springfield and Montreal (2024)
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