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Watch Live: Trooper Michael Proctor takes stand in Karen Read murder trial Karen Read's high-profile murder trial resumed Monday with a contentious motion hearing and testimony from lead investigator Michael Proctor. updated 3M ago
Judge tells Karen Read's lawyer "I don't need the hyperbole" in contentious hearing Judge Beverly Cannone and Karen Read's lawyer David Yannetti went back-and-forth in a hearing about whether a defense witness can testify about an alleged dog attack in the Massachusetts murder case. 6H ago 09:19
Moderna says combination COVID, flu vaccine tested better than 2 shots Moderna announced that its combination COVID and flu vaccine showed positive results in a late-stage trial. 2H ago
North End restaurant owner arrested again, accused of cutting GPS bracelet Patrick Mendoza, a controversial Boston restaurant owner, has been arrested again, this time for allegedly trying to cut off his GPS monitoring bracelet. 2H ago
Matthew Judon reports to Patriots mandatory minicamp Jerod Mayo said the Patriots had perfect attendance at the first day of mandatory minicamp, including edge rusher Matthew Judon. 2H ago
Tatum showing he doesn't need to score to help Celtics win The Mavericks are doing their part to take Jayson Tatum's scoring out of the NBA Finals, but they are failing miserably at keeping him from impacting the game in other ways. 5H ago
Porzingis' injury update after leaving Game 2, "I will die out there" It sounds like Boston Celtics center Kristaps Porzingis has avoided another serious injury. 8H ago
Holiday, White shined and other takeaways from Celtics Game 2 win Derrick White and Jrue Holiday had their fingerprints all over Boston's Game 2 win over the Mavericks in the NBA Finals. 8H ago
11-year-old crowned LEGO's Boston Mini Master Model Builder Tara won with a build called "Derby The LEGO Horse." She joined the Morning Mix to talk about her experience. 5H ago 04:25
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A timeline of the Karen Read case A look at the timeline of events in Karen Read's high-profile murder trial. 4H ago
Who is Karen Read and why are some calling to "free" her? Karen Read is charged with killing her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O'Keefe. Jun 6
How is "Turtleboy" involved in the Karen Read trial? Aidan Kearney, the blogger known as "Turtleboy," is a key figure in the Karen Read trial. Jun 6

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Latest Videos North End restaurant owner denied bail after allegedly cutting GPS monitor and more top stories Patrick Mendoza is expected in court again Tuesday after being arrested for allegedly cutting his GPS bracelet over the weekend. WBZ's Paula Ebben has Monday's top stories. 56M ago 04:20

North End restaurant owner denied bail after allegedly cutting GPS monitor and more top stories

Did Mavericks miss their best shot to beat Celtics in NBA Finals? Leon Powe breaks down Game 2 The 2008 NBA champion caught up with our Joe Weil to discuss the Mavs missed opportunity to steal a game at TD Garden, Jrue Holiday's big game, Derrick White's chasedown block, and how Jayson Tatum is still helping the Celtics despite not scoring much. 1H ago 06:45
Next Weather: WBZ Midday Update For June 10, 2024 WBZ's Jason Mikell has your latest weather forecast. 2H ago 02:57
North End restaurant owner expected in court after allegedly cutting GPS monitor A Boston restaurant owner was arrested again after cutting off his GPS tracking bracelet over the weekend, police say. 3H ago 00:25
Trooper Michael Proctor, lead investigator in Karen Read case, takes stand Massachusetts State Police Trooper Michael Proctor was called as a prosecution witness in the high-profile Karen Read murder trial. 3H ago 02:35
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