The 15 Best Restaurants in Berlin (2024)

The 15 Best Restaurants in Berlin (1)


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    There’s no shortage of good food to eat in Berlin.

    Are there good restaurants in Berlin? They’re almost a dime a dozen. The German capital is known for its many good eateries, international cuisines, and new food trends, as vegetarian and vegan cuisines are becoming increasingly popular. There is not only something for every taste but also for every budget. In addition to established fine dining restaurants, there are many opportunities to enjoy good food for little money. From Germany’s first dessert restaurant to staple foods in Friedrichshain and dining on the top of the Reichstag, here are Berlin’s 15 best restaurants.

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    Hallmann & Klee


    Simple and delicious – this is how the cuisine at Hallmann & Klee on Böhmischer Platz can be summed up. The unconventional former breakfast restaurant, the latest star in Berlin’s culinary firmament, has been awarded its first Michelin star in 2024. Like the interior, the menu is reduced to the essentials, clear and without superfluous frills. White brick walls with a modern interior create a simple but inviting ambiance. Creative yet perfectly crafted dishes made from regional products are available as a menu and also à la carte for last-minute diners. In the summer, there is a terrace which invites you to linger.

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    HAPPA is not just a vegan restaurant with fair prices but a place of community, a place where social and ecological appreciation are equally important. Co-owner Sophia Hoffmann is a vegan chef, a cookbook author, and a pioneer in this field. Her business partner, Nina Petersen, is heavily involved in the Zero-Waste-Movement. The all-vegan menu is homestyle Alpine Bavarian, with many dishes derived from family recipes (think mum’s apple strudel), and there’s always at least one gluten-free option. Eight times a month, HAPPA hosts dinner evenings with a five-course organic menu with optional alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks.

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    Loumi Dining


    The usage of basic products of only the highest quality, aromatic sophistication, and flawless execution is surprising, given that both chefs are self-taught and are all present at Loumi Dining. Initially, they organized small cooking events for friends at home, but later at rented locations, and in 2017, they founded Loumi Dining and finally opened their joint restaurant in 2023. The result is a fine dining tasting menu of around eight dishes with French, Nordic, and Japanese flair and a strong focus on ingredient quality and seasonality. While in summer there are a lot of vegetables, winter products, for example, include various types of seafood, duck, winter truffles, and root vegetables.

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    Head chef Sebastian Frank (two Michelin stars) primarily uses first-class vegetables for his experimental cuisine; the dishes are based on personal memories and the flavors of his Austrian homeland. The interior is characterized by the warm wood of the historic wall panels, combined with straightforward modern design and the colorful mural by artist Jim Avignon. The heart of Horváth is the floor-to-ceiling glass kitchen with a chef’s table. And in summer, the cozy garden invites you to dine under the vines. The restaurant has also won accolades for its non-alcoholic wine pairing.

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    At Verōnika, art and cuisine meet at eye level in Germany’s capital. Every single detail is impressive in this stylish restaurant, which completes the overall concept of the Fotografiska Berlin as the last big piece of the mosaic. In the center is an oval bar with a rack of glasses and bottles hanging from the ceiling. In addition to entrecôte, rib-eye steak, and tartare, the menu features simpler Berlin-inspired delights such as a chicken with French fries, a seasonal baby beet variation, and a vegan cauliflower Milanese.

    INSIDER TIPIf you only fancy a drink, head to Bar Clara, located in the roof dome of the Fotografiska, for spectacular sunset views and phenomenal co*cktails.

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    Patisserie king René Frank from CODA has proven that you can delight your guests with highly creative dessert cuisine alone. In Germany’s first and only 2-star dessert restaurant, the last course becomes the main protagonist and shows itself from an unprecedented side, underlined by a perfectly coordinated pairing drink. In addition to top patisserie, there are, of course, cheese platters and savory desserts for those who don’t like sweets. No other place could be better to round off a wonderful evening. If you prefer, you can skip dinner altogether and order a 5-course menu consisting of the dishes, which are largely free from added sugar.

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    Opened in October 2020, Klinke serves delicious German tapas, which are usually traditional with a subtle and modern twist. Whether Maultaschen (Swabian meat-filled dumplings), Königsberger Klopse (meatballs in a creamy white sauce with capers), or Kaiserschmarrn (scrambled sweet pancakes): dishes from the childhood of the three siblings who co-own the restaurant are served on small plates, all to share. Chic ball lights, simple wooden tables, warm colors, and lots of plants create a cozy ambiance, but you can also sit on the terrace and watch the hustle and bustle on Dresdener Straße–it doesn’t get any more Kreuzberg than this!

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    Rutz is the only restaurant in Berlin with three Michelin stars and is is known for its creative compositions that stimulate all the senses. The menu features products such as Wagyu beef from Germany, which has its own unique character, and squid from the North Sea. Whether rabbit tartare or dry-aged carp, even experienced “diners” are sure to be surprised here at least once—in a positive way! The drinks are spectacular as well. Cappuccino made from fermented and fresh mushrooms with raw milk butter? Simply ingenious!

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    Jäger & Lustig


    At Jäger & Lustig, elaborate bull’s-eye windows meet hygge lifestyle, and local cuisine meets favorite international drinks. The restaurant, which invites you with the charm of a Berlin parlor as well as the special flair of a modern living room in the middle of Friedrichshain, is the place to go for people from all over the world. Try German staple foods like a juicy knuckle of pork, Senfeier (eggs in mustard sauce), or roasted vegetable goulash, accompanied by traditional beers and vintner’s wine. Not to miss are the asparagus dishes when Germany’s “white gold” is in season from mid-April to late June.

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    In the middle of the Plänterwald forest lies the Eierhäuschen, which was already a popular excursion destination in the 19th century. With the opening of EI-12437-B, a restaurant is finally moving back into the historic–and extensively renovated–building after more than 30 years. The Ei serves delicious home cooking. The monthly changing menu includes beef goulash with potatoes, root vegetable stew, or creamed mushrooms with pretzel dumplings, followed by desserts such as rhubarb cake. In spring, the “Zum Anleger–Eierhäuschen” beer garden returns from its winter break.

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    Käfer Dachgarten-Restaurant


    Location, location, location…and it doesn’t get more stunning than on top of the historic Reichstag building in the heart of Berlin, right next to the famous glass dome. The German Bundestag is the only parliament building in the world to house a public restaurant. At the Käfer Dachgarten-Restaurant, you can expect modern German cuisine with a French twist that is made of fresh and regional products. Enjoy excellent service while taking in the panoramic views over the skyline. Please note: a reservation is required 48 hours in advance for security checks.

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    Tim Raue


    Tim Raue, with two Michelin stars, is not only known far beyond Berlin for his episode of the successful Netflix format “Chef’s Table”, but also his restaurant of the same name in Kreuzberg, which serves Asian-inspired cuisine. Due to the ongoing international success more and more guests come from all over the world. As a result, a second menu with Berlin-influenced dishes was created. The “Kolibri X Berlin” includes sprat with cucumber and imperial caviar, sangohachi pikeperch with sauerkraut and Peruvian mint, and suckling pig “grandma Gerda.”

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    Pink Room


    The Pink Room’s website reads “Kon’nichiwa, Habibi,” and the unusual greeting is the first indication of the equally unusual fusion of Japanese and Levantine cuisine as well as excursions into the South American and Nikkei worlds. The nine-course menu is presented in a bold way to match the bright pink interior of the restaurant (the centerpiece is a fountain filled with yellow rubber ducks)–it bubbles, it smokes, it smells, it glows, and it is guaranteed to be memorable. All are extravagantly paired with drinks created by mixologists Marian Beke and Ariel Leizgold.

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    Set against the backdrop of Friedrichshain’s iconic skyline, with the East Side Gallery on one side and the tranquil beauty of the Spree River on the other, MINA promises a sensory journey like no other. Dine with a view, immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the city, and feast on a menu that combines the rich traditions of Italy (think homemade focaccia) with the vibrant flavors of the Orient (i.e., hummus with lamb). On offer for example are beef carpaccio, tagliatelle with rabbit, and Tuscan minestrone.

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    MaMis Food & Wine


    (Ma)rcel and (Mi)riam welcome guests with a fusion cuisine with a feel-good factor shaped by their experience in top international gastronomy. In 2021, the siblings opened their MaMis wine bar with tapas, whose influences range from Spanish, to German, and to the Far Eastern. Everything is made in-house, from soy sauce and seitan to mayonnaise, and the greatest importance is attached to taste, which they seek both regionally and internationally. For the saffron aioli, for example, the saffron is sourced directly from Afghanistan. Diners can choose between à la carte or can share menus of 8 or 10 dishes.

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