Cheap Tramadol HCL 100 mg

Cheap Tramadol HCL 100 mg – a narcotic-like pain reliever. It is used to treat moderate to severe pain when it is needed.

Tramadol may be prescribed for treating other problems.

Do not take Tramadol if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

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Seizures – it has been showed that seizures occurred in few people that had been taking Tramadol. It is very possible that you may accidentally take too much of Tramadol. But keep in mind that Tramadol overdose may be deadly.

These are some overdose symptoms:

  • Drowsiness;
  • shallow breathing;
  • slow heartbeat;
  • extreme weakness;
  • cold or clammy skin;
  • feeling light-headed;
  • fainting;
  • coma.

If you feel that after a while after the treatment with Tramadol there are no results, please consult with your healthcare provider, maybe you are doing something wrong or the current dose is not right for you or Tramadol is not the right drug for you.

What should I avoid while taking Tramadol HCL 100 mg?

It is strongly recommended that you don’t drink any alcohol or take drugs that may interact with Tramadol. By combining Tramadol with alcohol or other drugs, the results may be fatal.

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What to tell you healthcare provider?

While talking to your healthcare provider, please tell if you have:

  • Seizures or epilepsy;
  • Liver disease, liver failure;
  • Kidney disease;
  • Severe abdominal pain;
  • Lung disease;
  • A history of drug or alcohol dependence
  • Any allergies, including allergies to foods, dyes, or preservatives.

Also, do not forget to mention, if you are:

  • Pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant;
  • Breastfeeding.

Tell your healthcare provider about every drug that you are using at the moment or had used recently.

Store it properly

Here are some good tips on how to store Tramadol HCL 100 mg properly:

  • Keep in a safe place;
  • Keep away from sunlight;
  • Keep it in a cool dark place;
  • Throw away any expired pills;

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