Ultram Information – Dosage, Abuse and Precautions

Ultram is a highly potent drug against acute chronic pain. More than 21 million patients in US suffering with pain due to several reasons have prescribed Ultram. People suffering from pain and looking forward to subscribe Ultram should be aware of some major clinical aspects of the drug:


  • Ultram should be avoided by women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. Women breast feeding small children should also avoid using Ultram.
  • Avoid alcohol when you are on Ultram
  • Avoid using Ultram while you are consuming NSAI Drug like Aspirin etc.
  • Avoid Ultram if you have the history of breathing problem, asthma or some heart related disease
  • Do not drive or use machinery under the influence of Ultram

Ultram Dosage:

Ultram dosage will depend on your physical intake and the condition of pain. In cases of acute severe pain your daily dosage may be higher. Normally patients above 75 years are prescribed less than 300 mg/day in equal doses. Never take more than two tablets within a period of four hours. And if you find some allergic reaction during the usage of Ultram immediately see a doctor.

Ultram Abuse:

There are reported cases of Ultram abuse – where the users were dependent on the medicine. Patients with the history of narcotic usage or drug abuse should be denied the usage of Ultram. Physical dependence in such patients is likely to be more than a normal user. However all the pain killing medicines have a tendency to produce addictive feature. Tramadol Hydrochloride in Ultram has a sedative nature that may ultimately lead to abuse of the drug rather than use.

Useful information on Ultram

Some important notes for Ultram users – which one must abide

  • Never double up your dose if you have skipped one. Continue as you do everyday
  • Never share Ultram with others for whom it is not prescribed
  • Do not use Ultram for other health condition
  • Keep Ultram away from children
  • Do not store Ultram in bathroom

Tips for Ultram Storage

Ultram should be stored in a normal room temperature. Heat and light should be strictly avoided from Ultram. Places like closed drawer, cupboard or closed-lid boxes are ideal for storing Ultram. Ultram requires a constant temperature somewhere between 59 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 30 degrees centigrade) to remain effective for a longer period. Keep the in an undisclosed package. Keep the drug away from the reach of children and pets.

Ultram 50mg

Ultram tablets are available in 50 mg dosage. Your dosage may vary as per the type of pain you are suffering with and your body condition. Ultram starts showing its effect on your first dosage itself. Once your gets accumulative to the Ultram you will be able to show more resistance towards pain. Ultram 50mg is available in different packages.

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